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Sunday, October 22, 2006

First day of the expedition

So I am sitting under the dodger in the sprinkles that are sure to turn into a downpour after the first day of our trip. We covered a hefty 57 km today and brad and Hal are both asleep because of it. It is only 10 pm by the way.
We rose around 6am this morning to drop our dock lines for the last time at East Greenwich Yacht Club. We motored for awhile while we made breakfast, a hot one of course. The wind wasn't helping as it seemed to be always from the direction we wanted to head even as we turned past point Judith. The wind was light all day and unfortunately we had to motor sail/motor most the way. My father Jack was along for the ride.
I will have pictures of the trip up later including some shots of the porpoises we saw! And on our first day out too! It was very cold so most shots include us bundled up very warm.
we pulled into New London around 7 pm and grabbed a city mooring ball North of the Coast Guard Eagle, a beautiful three masted ship.
We were pleasantly greeted by Linda and Deb who continued to share their advice and generosity with us by providing us with spare standing and running rigging and a barbecue which we plan to make great use of when we start catching some fish.
Hal is still skeptical that we will ever throw a line in the water but we have already seen many passing boats pull fish out of the water as we sail by. I think tomorrow will be a slower paced day. We need to pick up some diesel and then depending on the direction of the wind will either head to Long Island or continue along the east coast.
It is really beautiful out here on the mooring tonight. The mist provides a picturesque halo to the city lights.
Thinking of everyone and wishing you all could join us.


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  • At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Robin said…

    Congratulations on setting sail!

    You must have tired Dad out because he gave me a couple of calls on his drive home. I was out playing IM soccer so I missed the calls, then debated returning them before showering and eating dinner. Boy was I glad that I opted to call him right back! He sounded like he was sleep mumbling and I doubt he remembers much of our conversation. Then again, maybe he was getting a kick of me frantically trying to find things to talk about for 30 minutes. We broached such riveting topics as preferences between acorn and butternut squash and up to the minute mileage reports. I attempted to tell him about my classes and the new and exciting areas of federal income tax—which is truthfully, my most interesting class this semester. Then I remembered my purpose was to keep him awake.

    Man I wish I could be a part of this life time experience with you!


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