Brad, Dan and Scott's Sailing Adventure

"There she is boys! The SS More Powerful than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the Incredable Hulk combined." This space will be used to post updates of our odyssey.

Friday, December 08, 2006



Waiting for a weather window

When to cross the Gulf Stream has become the focus of the last couple of days. The Gulf Stream flows up from the Gulf of Mexico in a northerly direction between Florida and the Bahamas reaching speeds of 3-5 knots. When a northern wind opposes the current the seas can become tumultuous with wave heights routinely over 10 feet. Thus, we have begun the waiting game looking for a wind without a northern component. The forecast looks like north winds until Sunday but the seas will need some time to subside. In the mean time we have been trying to continually fix the little things that come up on an older boat and more importantly amass a harpoon/spear arsenal for the Bahamian fish. Our harpoon which began with just a harpoon tip from the used sailing store has become a finely tuned fishing implement. Brad made grooves near the tip that he filled with solder for precision balancing. Now all we need is to be in the fertile fishing waters of the Bahamas because people are starting to stare as we throw the harpoon at floating coconuts and leaves.