Brad, Dan and Scott's Sailing Adventure

"There she is boys! The SS More Powerful than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the Incredable Hulk combined." This space will be used to post updates of our odyssey.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In response to Sandy’s inquiry about the Coconuts


So the coconut gathering and husking mission happened on New Years Eve. Dan Brad and Jeff went looking for coconuts on Hamburger Beach after we had been misinformed/missed the Bahamian boat race we went to watch. I stayed on the beach to take some photos and catch up on some sleep. The trail was full of sand burrs and noone had shoes so they improvised and made shoes out of leaves and palm fawns. They came back with maybe 15 coconuts an hour later. Husking them took another hour. We were able to find bolts sticking out under the dock you see in the pictures and use the bolt to shred the husk. As to what we did with the coconuts after we had so many, we drank them. It was new years and how can you be in the Bahamas on new years and not have a coconut, pineapple and rum drink out of a coconut. We chiseled the top off and cut a hole in them. Pouring the ingredients in was a snap and bam, you have your self a fantastic drink. Now we did encounter a problem with the storage of the ones we didn’t use that day, which were most of them. We stored them in close to direct sunlight which caused them to burst. Our bad. I hope that clears up the coconut harvesting pictures.


Addition to Last post

After the potluck we retired for a good 2 hours sleep. We woke at 2 to dingy into town for the 3 o’clock start of Junkannu. Junkannu is the Bahamas version of carnival. It is held on Boxing Day which is initially a British holiday that arose as a day off for the servants after they catered for their masters on Christmas. There are elaborate brightly colored costumes, large floats and marching bands. All ages participate in the festivities. Dancing along with the beat in fancy headdresses will be 3 year old girls, while 3 year old boys help make the beat with drums made out of soup cans. At the same time 80 year olds will be in a costume marked for judging. Junkannu is a contest between two bands. They walk the course from 3 am to sunrise trying to stir up as much emotion and fervor in fans as they can. Judges walk through out the groups judging costumes and music. The beer that everyone drinks is called Kalik(Click) named after the sound that cow bells since cow bells form an integral part of Junkannu. The beat they provide is hypnotic. It is hard to give the costumes justice without pictures, but I didn’t take my camera because I knew the dingy ride over would be wet. The larger costumes have multiple segments of brightly colored ornaments which pulse independently as the wearer bounces to the beat. A peacock would be jealous. The smaller costumes are worn by the youth dancers that are interspersed through out the parade. It was quite a sight. I can only hope we get to see more Caribbean festivals throughout the trip.